AdNet's Mission

AdNet's mission is to strengthen the resource development and donor service capacity of the community foundation field by offering AdNet members training programs and networking opportunities to exchange ideas and effective practices; creating a variety of forums to identify and discuss fundraising and donor services issues relating to staff, volunteers, and community foundations; supporting appropriate research opportunities relating to resource development and donor services; and representing the interests of members to other nonprofit membership groups, such as the Council of Foundations.

2012 Conference Chairs

Lisa Jolley, The Columbus Foundation
Kevin Moore, The Erie Community Foundation

2012 AdNet Steering Committee and Officers

Robin D. Ferriby, President
Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan

Ruben D. Orduña, Vice President
The Boston Foundation

Sarah Harrison, Treasurer
Denver Foundation

Judy Sjostedt, Secretary
Parkersburg Area Community Foundation

Kimberly C. Kur, Assistant Secretary
Arizona Community Foundation

Lisa Jolley, Assistant Treasurer
The Columbus Foundation

Randy Balogh
Community Foundation Santa Cruz County

Bob Eichinger
The Chicago Community Trust

Gerri Hobdy
Baton Rouge Area Foundation

Kimberly C. Kur
Arizona Community Foundation

Kevin E. Moore
The Erie Community Foundation

Lisa Pratt O'Mara
The Community Foundaiton Serving Richmond & Central Virginia

Lisa A. Shafran
Heritage Fund – the Community Foundation of Bartholomew County

Judy Sjostedt
Parkersburg Area Community Foundation

Jennifer Southard
Maine Community Foundation

David L. Westcott
Oregon Community Foundation

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